We believe in life-long learning and serving God together in teams. Whether you desire to lead on a Baptist Camp or are a Youth Leader at your local Church, our training will refresh what you already know and add some new perspectives to contemplate and impliment.
Join us at the next training! Upcoming dates:

December 14th 2019 - Safe Church and Camp/Youth Leader training.
(Registrations open November 14th 2019).


Above: Camp and Youth Leaders discussing content at a training day.

Previous Training Topics


June 16th 2018:
- Facilitating Small Group Discussions
- Camp Leader 101

December 15th 2018:
- How To Best Use Authority
- Dealing With Discipline
- Special Needs Inclusivity

June 15th 2019:
How Well Do You Know Serpentine Campsite
- Pastorally Unpacking Possible Camp Scenario’s