• Lakeside Recreation Centre (map)
  • Corner of Farrington Rd & Bibra Dr
  • North Lake , WA, 6163

This mix is a multi-purpose event, with the Sportsfest Launch and a Panel interview with some infamous Perth young adult pastors, "how to be relevant as a young adult christian in a 21st world". 

Panel Interview:
In a society where our lives are always under the spotlight it can be difficult to be the best representation of ourselves and we have the tenancy to conform to the world around us. This is a great opportunity for you to investigate how you can be apart of the world yet be set apart as a christian for Christ. 
Lennon Smart -Lakeside Baptist Church
Daniel Rodgers -Lake Joondalup Baptist Church
Jonathan Anthony -Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

Sportsfest Launch:
The big secret of this Sportsfest will be unveiled!!! 
Team registrations will be opened, all the required advertising will be available and there will be an opportunity to ask questions about team registrations and other things.