Leavers Green Team are one of the groups who are vital to the overall running of Leavers. In Dunsborough we oversee and run the nightly entertainment area called The Zone, an alcohol free environment. The Zone caters for up to 8000 Leavers each night. Opening from 7pm - 1am.

Providing a safer place for Leavers to celebrate and to help the Local Community. Through a combined approach with other agencies there has been a 96% reduction in arrests and 58% reduction in costs incurred for repairs and cleanup.

Testimonial: Rebecca Ford
"Volunteering for leavers is such a great experience. Not only do you interact with the leavers and keep them safe, you make some amazing friends. I always take heaps of amazing friends and memories away from leavers, and always look forward to the next Leavers!"

Register here: https://www.greenteamwa.org.au/